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Unerectors, Inc.

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Boston, MA 02125
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First Impressions... Lasting Impressions.

About Unerectors, Inc.

Charles MGH Red LineUnerectors, Inc. is a subcontracting and engineering firm specializing in furnishing and installing custom architectural metals, miscellaneous and ornamental metalwork, and porcelain enamel for the construction and building industry in the Boston, Massachusetts area and throughout New England.

Our product lines include architectural metal wall panel systems, ceiling systems, column covers, and louver systems; miscellaneous and ornamental metalwork; porcelain enamel signage and wall panel systems; and custom security and revenue booths. Unerectors offers the same superior level of skill, commitment, and quality across all our product lines.

Unerectors, Inc. has a full-service construction team ready to assist architects, designers, and contractors with project design, detailing, engineering, and budgeting. We also provide highly skilled field personnel to install all of our product lines.

Courthouse Station Silver LineUnerectors has teamed up with prominent owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers in Boston and throughout New England on a wide range of projects. Work with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in particular represents a large portion of our business. Because of this, Unerectors has established itself as a leading subcontractor of mass transit infrastructure projects in the Boston area. We have been actively involved in furnishing and installing the station finishes on all of the major MBTA lines. One of Unerectors largest contracts to date, the MBTA Courthouse Station Silver Line, is part of the first completely new transit line built in Boston, Massachusetts in more than 100 years. An article in the Boston Globe referred to Courthouse Station as ”The Jewel of the New Silver Line.“

Other large public agencies which Unerectors has had the opportunity to partner with since our inception are Massport, Massachusetts Highway Department, Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and Massachusetts Water Resource Association.

Werner Otto HallIn addition to these important public agencies, Unerectors has also worked with numerous prestigious private institutions such as Boston College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our company was founded in 1972 as a porcelain enamel signage and panel systems company to meet the needs of that growing specialty field. Over a quarter of a century later, this specialty product is still in strong demand and remains an integral part of our business. Given the length of time in this field, Unerectors offers unparalleled experience and expertise in furnishing and installing porcelain enamel.

Logan Airport Control TowerOf special pride is the Logan Airport Control Tower, one of Unerectors' first large-scale projects. Our company furnished and installed the exterior porcelain enamel wall panels for this major Boston architectural landmark. We’ve incorporated a rendering of the Control Tower into our company logo to highlight both our flagship product and our corporate image as highly qualified specialty contractors, engineers, and erectors.

We take pride in our work, realizing that our product lines are the finished product and are truly what makes a construction project special. But more importantly, we strive to provide the same superior level of personalized customer service upon which our company was founded over 30 years ago. It is these two qualities which we believe create First Impressions… Lasting Impressions.

Herbert W. Collins, Unerectors' Founder This website is dedicated to the memory of our company's founder and past President / CEO, Herbert W. Collins, whose vision, knowledge, and strong work ethic guided Unerectors, Inc. for many, many years.

Photography throughout this website is by Steven M. Collins. All rights reserved.